Azdah Qatar is one of the fastest growing companies in Aluminum Fabrication in the Middle East. Our employees are our most valuable assets and therefore, our management has committed resources to developing and continuously improving our staff, all while maintaining a safe and inspiring environment focused on growth.

Our commitment to our employees is demonstrated through:

  • Health and safety –Health and safety considered the highest priority for Azdah. We are committed to the continual improvement of our performance in health and safety for all our employees, subcontractors and everyone involved in our projects.
  • Equality and diversity – Azdah offers a challenging working environment where everyone feels valued and respected. We are committed to the principle of equal opportunities.
  • Training and development – We help our employees to continue their development in the interest of the company and its objectives through multiple training programs focused on enhancing capabilities and improving the overall performance of individuals.

Our staff is composed of Executive Management, Design Engineers, Quantity Surveying Engineers, Sales & Marketing Staff, Quality Control Engineers, Production Personnel, Site Engineers, Civil Engineers, and Skilled Technicians.

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