In line with its policy, Azdah aims at ensuring work quality and providing its clients with excellent services and products. The company carries out regular internal audits of its internal quality management system. Azdah quality management system was introduced in 2008. The quality control department regularly oversees the quality management systems of its business units including certifying their standard of products and services.


Azdah believes that health and wellness is integral to safety as a core value. The health and wellness of our employees contributes to a more sustainable business in which every employee and their families can be proud of. Azdah is committed to improving its own health and wellness practices through visible leadership, good governance principles, and accountability.


Azdah is environmentally certified from the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME) in Saudi Arabia. The Company Manufactures Dust Collectors for Crushers and Asphalt Plants to contribute in a clean environment. The environmental policy of our company is to provide adequate resources to protect the environment likely to be affected by its operations. We acknowledge that our future and the future of our environment are interconnected. The company complies with the contractual requirements in all respects. We continuously review and improve the environmental management system in an attempt to improve our overall performance, preventing environmental pollution, reducing construction wastes and minimizing the consumption of natural resources.


At Azdah, safety is our top priority. The company’s safety and health management system is set up in accordance with the International Standards of OHSAS 180012007, a certification we competently achieved. Procedures have been established for implementing the requisites at all stages of construction. The company continues to maintain its strict safety standards to ensure the highest practical standards of performance across its operations. Safety forms an integral part of our work. We have a continuous commitment to safety and we strive for zero accidents. The management of the company believe that hazards and risks of construction sector can be managed through strong leadership and adherence to world-class standards and practices. We are dedicated to regularly evaluate safety and health hazards arising from construction works, provide safety and health training to members of the workforce


Azdah’s Quality Control Department regularly oversees the Quality Management Systems of its business units including certifying standard for products and services. Azdah competently received the following ISO Certificates in an effort to continuously provide high quality standards to our clients.